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  • Video 1: Connection vs Dominance and how to tell the difference.
  • Video 2: Communication vs Control, which are you doing now?
  • Video 3: Confidence for horse and rider and how to build it.
  • Videos 4-8 details below:

Mindset Videos 4-8

  • Video 4. Pressure and Release vs Offer and Options, how to build your horses desire to put in effort without losing connection.
  • Video 5. Phases vs Position, how to work your position so you will no longer rely on phases
  • Video 6. Control vs Communication, how to develop understanding through preparation so there is no need for leverage or force.
  • Video 7. Repetition vs Program, and how to tell the difference so you can keep your horse engaged and willing.
  • Video 8. Stiff legs and Backs vs Lateral Softness. How to ensure you have a laterally soft horse and how to make sure your horse stays healthy.