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Here you will get to know me and learn about my Release Method of teaching horses.

In this blog I will show you how to get better results, be safe have fun and overall do the right thing morally when working with horses.

As you learn about the Release Method you will see and understand that this method is for sport,  leisure, work, all horse training and you need to be applying Release if you want more willing try from your horses and yes this means connection. You can not get your horse’s body without its heart and desire first. I know a bit fluffy but true, you will see.

It is crazy to think that physical training and repetition training is going to get consistently good results. We need to be first teaching our horses. We can not go on just training horses, they are flight animals for goodness sake, they are right brain reaction animals, they go fast and they are very strong.

No containment method or brain numbing training is going to work long term. We need to be helping them to be able to think through their right brain reactions so they are not just going through life at the mercy of their instincts. Imagine if our parents did that? Where would humans be? So how about we do the same for our horses? I will discuss how , why and the philosophy behind all this and more in this blog.

Shane Ransley

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Emotional Recovery Time

The time it takes for your horse to calm after an exciting moment can be your key to your safety, but how do you teach them to have a good emotional recovery! Great topic from Shane, Meredith and Mel in the fireside chat series.

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Horses Reflect Your Character

Horses are not only a reflection of our horsemanship level, they are a reflection of our character. Very interesting podcast with Shane, Meredith and Mel.

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Leadership and its effects.

Leadership, dominance, control? Tonight we talk about the effects of your leadership (or not) on your horse and the other horses around them.

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Rewarding the attitude.

Is your horse having negative thoughts about you? Are you rewarding a negative attitude?
In this fireside chat Shane, Meredith and Mel talk about how to encourage a good attitude in your horse, which in turn will give you positive movement in your training, not to mention much more fun.

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Response or reaction.

Tonight’s fireside chat is about how to tell if your horse is responding or reacting when you work with them. Shane, Meredith and Mel talk about the downside of misunderstanding your horse when you are training them for sports.

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The myth of desensitization.

Desensitization. Is it good or bad for your horse, should we do it or will it hide what your horse is really feeling? Shane, Meredith and Mel share some interesting reality’s about desensitization, when to use it and how not to!

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A heated fireside chat about how horse trainers (us, you) should be or not be using phases. There can be a big variation in what people call phases. In this fireside chat, we talk about what comes before and what comes after phases and much more.

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Diet and Emotions

How your hoses diet effects their emotions or is it the emotions that depict the dietary needs?

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Mel and Meredith on Goldfields Radio

A great radio show, where Meredith and Mel talk about these subjects and more.

How to choose a horse.
Thinking horse.
Bits vs bitless.
Control vs communication.
Why build rapport?
Your Rapport bank account.

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What is QS horsemanship and what does it do for it’s students.

What can a QS student expect to achieve with QS.

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